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We've taken the planning, prepping, shopping & guessing out of baking and left you the fun, quality time, and celebration!

How it works

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Our plans are designed just for you! Pick the plan that suits you best. 

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Our boxes are shipped mid-month every month directly from Israel.

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Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and bake your unique dessert!


Impress your friends & family with your photo-worthy desserts. 

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No experience necessary!

Lilyrose Bakers Box is a DIY baking experience for everyone. Once a month you'll receive a surprise box filled with everything you need to create your own sweet treats. 

From the pre-measured ingredients to the baking tools, Lilyrose is the perfect way to try out new recipes, learn new techniques and spend quality time with loved ones in the kitchen.

What our bakers are saying

My friends are always impressed by the stunning desserts I've learned to bake!

It's like getting a gift from myself every month!

My son and I make the box together every month. It is such a special time together!

Sarah Dray, Tel Aviv

Shir, Givat Shmuel

Sivan Felder, Efrat

Lilyrose Bakers Box Makes the perfect gift

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