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Gourmet Hamentashen

Nowadays there is no flavor profile that hasn't been turned into a #hamentashen and frankly, I'm not complaining. I love the creativity and the excitement that comes from trying new things. #Purim is such a fun holiday, why not amp up the fun as much as possible?!

So last year when I was trying to come up with the best Purim box recipe I was stumped. It's all been done. I thought of all these delicious flavors that I love and nothing really felt "enough". I thought back to all my favorite holidays and the best treats of each holiday and I thought about the Sufganiyot from Roladin. The big draw to these donuts (to be honest I've had better tasting ones) is the beautiful way they're decorated. Stunning shiny glazes, interesting textured toppings. Perfection.

Inspired by their beauty, I decided to create hamentashen that were just as beautiful - AND delicious. For flavors I stuck to classics that everyone loves and went a little crazy with the toppings.

All the reviews from that box were out of this world. Everyone loved bringing the gorgeous hamentashen to their Purim meals, or adding them to their Mishloach Manot. They are so impressive and so EASY to make!

These boxes aren't available any more, but you can follow along with the recipe below and impress with them again and again!

If you want to really make a splash, be sure to order our Purim box this year - you'll be in for a real surprise.

Happy Purim!!

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