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Gluten free Fudgesicles

So excited to be bringing you guys these insane popsicles from our July 2018 Box. That was one of our all time favorite boxes because it was not only an amazing box but it is also naturally gluten free!

That's why we're sharing this recipe with you this pesach!

These frozen treats are perfect for ending a beautiful yom tov meal and sending all the kids outside to eat dessert.

Our subscribers got this popsicle mold in their July box, but if you don't have one you can go ahead and get one at your local baking or craft store. If you can't find a popsicle mold, get an ice cube tray and use that.

These bars are made with real chocolate and vanilla pudding powder to create that smooth fudgey texture. I just love them straight out of the freezer. When we were testing this recipe last summer I had so many different ideas and tried them all. The kids were so excited to taste them, even the not so good ones and at least the results were photogenic (ie: crazy messy).

***The original recipe calls for soy milk, but if you, like my family don't eat Kitniyot on Pesach, you can swap that out for non-dairy creamer.

***Same goes for the peanuts in the white chocolate topping - feel free to omit or sub in almonds.

Happy Baking!

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