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Cookie Butter Truffles


Recipe - Cookie Butter Truffles


1 (250g) package of lotus cookies

3/4 cup cream cheese

200g "Blondie" Chocolate (I used Elite white chocolate caramel, salted caramel


Smash lotus cookies in a large ziplock bag until crumbs. You can use a food processor, but we used a rolling pin (great for getting out some stress!).

Mix in cream cheese until all combined well.

Form balls approximately 2 in diameter and place on a tray lined with parchment paper in the freezer.

Let freeze for a minimum of 2 hours.

Melt caramel chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in 15 second increments, mixing well in between until melted.

Dip frozen balls into melted chocolate one at a time and coat fully. Place on parchment paper to set.

While things are crazy in the world right now, I want to keep up some semblance of normal at my house with my family. Which isn't easy, as I'm sure you all know.

Here are my best tips for not going crazy:

DON'T READ A BUNCH OF PEOPLE'S TIPS FOR NOT GOING CRAZY (unless that makes you feel good, in which case, by all means!)

Ok but in all seriousness, in an effort to help with what I'm best at, baking (certified pastry chef) and kids (early childhood educator) I've put together a complete guide to baking with kids. Find out why, how and who & what in this comprehensive PDF.

I've been trying to do some baking every day just to keep the kids busy doing something we all love. If baking is not your thing (how did you end up here?) then don't feel pressure from others to do it! Find things that bring you all joy. BUT- if you're not a "baker" but still want to have fun kitchen experiences with the young ones, I say, GO FOR IT!

Some things to keep in mind:

Keep your expectations low, the end result is not the most important part of the experience.

Stay calm and laugh a lot.

A mess is just a mess! Make cleaning up part of the activity at the end.


Read more about baking with kids tomorrow when I post the guide!

Stay healthy & Happy Baking!

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