The Lilyrose Story

About Me

Hi! I’m Rosa, a mom of 5 with a passion for baking and making things look great!!

After years of baking and decorating birthday cakes, for my kids and my friends kids as a hobby, I decided to become a certified pastry chef.

While I was looking for some new trendy cookie cutters for my daughters 13th birthday (and couldn’t find them anywhere) I thought to myself, I wish I could get new fun stuff delivered to me, instead of running around unsuccessfully searching. That’s how Lilyrose Bakers Box was born!

Lilyrose, is a translation of my name in Hebrew (Shoshana -Lily, Rosa – Rose) and the Lilyrose Bakers Box mission truly reflects who I am.


As a pastry chef I strive to pass on my in-depth knowledge and experience to make you a better baker.

As a mom I understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to find those precious moments doing something enjoyable together with the family.

As a creative person with an eye for design I know how important it is to serve up a beautiful, not just tasty, dessert.

With Lilyrose Bakers Box you get an amazing baking experience without all the hard work, complete with an impressive homemade dessert – delivered right to you every month!

Remember: “Life is what you BAKE it!”